Monday, August 19, 2013

Meet Samantha Coppola!

Meet:  Samantha Coppola
Q: How long have you been involved with Rising Sun Performance Company?
A: I have recently become a member and am very excited to begin working with my new family.

Q: What is your primary function within the ensemble?
A: I am an active member which means I partake not only in the performance aspect, but also learn about and participate in lab sessions, fundraising and backstage work.

Q: Tell us about your experience of entering the ensemble.
A: I was well informed about what things the company expects of its members.  I was a fairly quick and easy process, which we were guided along with friendliness and openness from its current members.  The welcoming into this new family was very special.

Q: What were callbacks like?
A: Upon receiving a callback after my initial audition, I joined the rest of the individuals who were called back for a long afternoon full of fun.  We did various exercises that required us to interact and get comfortable with one another.  The experience gave us, the audition-ers, an opportunity to not only see what the company was looking for, but ultimately who they were and what they were all about as well. Everyone was very friendly, organized and supportive!

Q: Why did you choose RSPC ?
A: I love what the company stands for and what its members have to offer.  Everyone has such an open mind and a lot to contribute.  It's working and being around such talented and dedicated performers that really brings out the best in me, which is definitely something one should look for when joining a company.  RSPC also has numerous events constantly going on that allow the company to participate and come together as one.

Q: What do you do outside of RSPC?
A: I am a student, finishing my last year at The New School for my BFA in Musical Theatre. I also work part time and audition for theatre, musicals and films.

Q: What are you most excited about with the upcoming season?
A: Being a new member I am looking forward to seeing how the company works in different aspects: casting, fundraising, etc. I'm excited simply to see how the company really works and what's in store for us as new members. I am eager to see how the casting process works and to be a part of the upcoming events the company is holding! Getting to know my fellow ensemble members is also a very exciting part!

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