Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello Blogging World!

This a new thing for me, although I once did have a live journal back in high school (circa the pre-facebook, pre-twitter, my space was coolest thing ever era). Now there are people who have made "social media" into a career. Yes. I kid you not. Celebrities and musicians are hiring people to manage their online appearance and networking (who knows- that twitter feed you follow for your favorite celebrity may be carefully managed by a technology savvy 20 something). All this aside- let's talk about Rising Sun and what is going on in our little (big) world.

We are currently in production for our massive undertaking of a theatrical adventure we like to call "Hotel Suite." Hotel Suite is a compilation of Sam Shepard's Fool For Love, Tracy Lett's Bug, a series of brand new one act plays, and our new adventure into the darker synapses of the mind Living Statues. All of these pieces will be performed in a rotating repertory in a non-traditional hotel space (location to be announce VERY soon please check our social media pages for more updates). Our audiences will be very small (around 30 people per show) and will be in a very intimate space with the actors. Now this might not be the Sleep No More style show where your husband may get pulled into a closet by a very sexy woman while you are lost in a ballroom forest- but we hope to create a new experience for the audience and actor  by putting drugs, sex, murder and government conspiracies only a few feet away with no magical proscenium picture window.

We are all very excited for this project. Last night at a bar someone asked me my favorite type of theatre. My answer was "meaningful." Because truthfully that is what all theatre actors strive for (we aren't in it for the fame or money- trust me)- making art that affects the audience. We want to make you think, make you sweat, shift uncomfortably in your seat, laugh so hard you forget about everything back in the real world, and leave the theatre with a new idea. So in the search for meaningful theatre- I see a lot of promise in this project. So audience- fill those seats and let us change your perspective- maybe for just a minute- and help us do what we love!

Now on to the social media fun stuff:
1. Hotel Suite is a costly endeavor so we are currently running an indie go-go campaign to help support our efforts! Please take a few minutes to watch or awesome video featuring our company members and the talents of song writer Michael Burns (also a company member). While visiting the video feel free to drop us $5 towards or project!

2. Visit our show's facebook page for photos, updates, and ticket links! Tell your friends!

3. And visit the Rising Sun Website to learn more about the company, the company members, past, present and future projects!