Friday, June 15, 2012

A note from Ensemble Member Stephon

There was just some thoughts that I needed to get off of chest and out there for the world to see. Here I go:

In the last two years I have realized that life is not fair. You do not always get want and if you want something you must be prepared to fall many times in order to get it. What has been bought to my attention about theater and why I do what it is that I do is because I want to tell a story. I want continue adding on to a history that formulated centuries ago when actors stood on stage in the greek theatres and created something so ground breaking that society could not live without it today.
To see people on stage baring their souls in such an honest creative fashion is one of the most rewarding gifts that an actor has and that he can show an audience. In order for this to happen he/she must realize that they are not perfect and the sooner you accept that the better chances you have in enjoying the process of your work.
I believe in most plays every character is searching for love or acceptance from another person which is kind of the reason why some of us act in the first place.The trouble is when you go through life constantly trying to seek approval from others you lose yourself in the process. I can not quote Biff's monologue from Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman" but Biff struggled with this situation until finally he had a break down break and spewed of his feelings to Willy. Biff was a man bleeding inside and all he ever wanted was his father to love and accept him for who he is.
The lesson I hope you all take from this long post is that you are who you are. Enjoy what it is that you do, love yourself, and carry an umbrella because it rains nay sayers who critize and scrutinize what it is that you do everyday. The umbrella is to keep you dry and protect you from that. You know who you are, you know what you want, you know how much it will take to get what you want, and if your scared; that is the first step being an adult.
If you have not already purchased your tickets for Rising Sun Performance Company's  "Henry's Wives", and/or "Crapshoot" I recommend that you all get on that ASAP. We  need your support to keep it going, and we promise that it will be money well spent. We will not disappoint you.

I am off to work, so everyone enjoy your day.
Stephon Pettway