Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meet Carl!


Meet:  Carl Fengler

Q: How long have you been involved with Rising Sun Performance Company?
A: Auditioned for and joined in February 2012

Q: What is your primary role with RSP?
A: Primarily an actor but also helping with marketing and networking, connecting RSP to other talented artists in the field, a win-win situation.

Q: Why is RSP your artistic home?
A: I love being part of a community of artists.  I've made new friends and participated in some wonderful projects here at RSP.  It's also fantastic that RSP has been around for 12 years, that's huge in the theater world, and has already allowed me to meet some great new people in the NYC theater scene.
Q: What was your favorite RSP Show or Role? Why?
A: I loved acting in the original Romantic Comedy, One Room Over, RSP put on last Fall.  I played Leonard, a newly wed who made the poor choice to go cheap on his honeymoon with his lascivious new wife and ended up in a haunted hotel in the boonies of Scotland!  I not only was able to originate the role for a talented new writer, I was able to work with two fantastic actresses that traded off playing my love interest each performance.  Both actresses had different takes, which kept me on my toes, and the show was so fun and physical, blood, sex, humor, everyone had a great time!

Q: What are you looking forward to seeing/ experiencing with RSP?
A: I am looking forward to growing as an individual artist and as a company.  I love exploring the complexities of romantic relationships and personal journey and some of the titles RSP has submitted for rights explore dark, sexy plays that I'm really excited about.  I'm excited about working more with the people I've known at RSP and I'm excited to meet the new members and work with them.

Q: What do you do outside of RSP?
A: I love learning and being in an environment surrounded by curious, creative people so I'm fortunate to work at New York University in Tisch and help Tisch

Q: Favorite Memory or experience in RSP?
A: Last year I had the fortune to being acting in two shows for the RSP Hotel Suite Series:  One Room Over and Bug.  It was a wonderful experience to work in rep, in NYC, performing in 7 shows a week for three weeks.  It created a bonding and comradary with my fellow cast mates and company members.  A particularly unique experience occurred when the theatrical run was hit by hurricane Sandy.  The show had to go on so for the first performance after the storm I walked the 13 miles from my home in Brooklyn to the theater in the Upper West side the whole experience felt surreal, like I was transversing a post-apocalyptic landscape right out of a sci-fi film.  It meant a lot that a good sized audience showed up.  Other companies in the East village performed in candle light and so on, it was special being part of the NYC theater community during that time.

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