Monday, June 6, 2011


Hi Rising Sun fans, Amanda here. I'm a new member of the company but I've been mucking around with these awesome people for about six months now (already?!) and it's been crazy, confusing, exciting, and inspiring; but mostly, as I am happy to report, it's been a lot of fun.

We're gearing up for season 10 and we've just finished selecting our one-acts! After months of reading through hundreds of plays by (mostly) talented new authors, we've picked the cream of the crop. Drumroll, please....

Sit Still by Jae Kramisen
Vultures by Greg Abbott
The Craving by David Williams
Delilah by Len Cuthbert
The Male of the Species by Mrinalini Kamath
and On Top, by John Patrick Bray

It's safe to say that we've got some really challenging material, for both actors and audiences, in this line up and it's sure to be a wild ride. From sexy cannibalism to justified adultery and murder-induced psychosis (in 2 cases!) - we've got it all! And talking apes, too!

Performances will be July 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23. Get ready.

PS: My fingers are crossed that someone will come across this post by googling "sexy cannibalism." Or maybe not...